Tips on how to correctly colour your hair extensions

You may be one of those women that likes to change the colour of your hair every now and then. You can either apply colour at home, or you can go to a salon to get it done professionally. If you have hair extensions, you may be wondering whether you can change their colour. Provided the hair extensions are made from 100% natural human hair, the answer is yes. However, there are some things you should think about before dying hair extensions.

If you have not yet bought them, your options for colouring hair extensions are better. That’s because it is better when dying hair extensions to dye them from a light colour to a darker colour. Secondly, it is better not to have too broad a range between the hair extensions’ natural colour and the colour you want to change them to. You can select light blonde extensions and dye them to medium dark colours. If you want to dye to very dark colours, select extensions that are medium dark.


Make sure you have plenty of room to work in. You will have to lay your extensions out, so clear a fairly large table to work on. Next, get everything you will need together. You will need:

1. Hair colour and developer
2. Kitchen foil
3. A bowl for the colour
4. Brush for applying the colour
5. Protective gloves
6. A wide toothed comb
7. Cling film
8. Colour safe shampoo
9. Leave-in conditioner
10. A towel

Lay the kitchen foil on the table. This is there to protect the surface from spillage or leaking dye. The amount of foil you need will depend on the number of extensions and their length. Make sure there is enough foil to give a comfortable margin around the extensions.


Read the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing your colour and developer, and prepare the solution. Comb through each of the extensions to remove any tangles. You should never dye extensions when they are wet or damp, so dry them first if necessary. Put on your gloves and brush the colour on to the extensions. Always brush from the clip end to the tips. Make sure all the hair is covered with dye. Do not worry about putting too much dye on. This is preferable to putting too little on.

As you finish applying the colour to each extension, cover it with cling film. This is to prevent the colour from drying out too quickly. Leave the colour to process or set at normal room temperature for as long as the manufacturer recommends. When the processing time is up, you need to rinse the extensions.

Place each extension under a stream of cold running water. Let the water run from the clip end down to the tips. Your rinsing needs to be very thorough to remove all the unabsorbed dye. Next, wash the extensions hair with colour safe shampoo. Lay out the towel on your work table. Apply the conditioner to each extension, combing it in with the wide toothed comb. Lay the extensions on the towel, and allow them to dry naturally.