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We are extremely proud to offer all of our customers an exciting range of salon quality wavy human hair extensions at affordable prices. At Remi Hair Extensions we stock all of the most popular colours, styles & lengths to enable you to add depth, vitality & breath taking hues to your hair in mere minutes. Our colours range from fashionable blondes, to enticing browns, right through to several of our darker hues for those seeking to bring out their inner Cleopatra.

All of our extensions are made from one hundred % REMY human hair, making it a smart choice for anyone seeking premium quality hair that is tangle resistant, silky smooth, vibrant and extremely durable. Not only can our extensions be styled and coloured like your own hair, but they remove the need of having to expose your hair to harmful colouring & styling sessions.


Buy Today & Receive:

  • A 150g full head body wave clip in set.
  • 8 weft pieces of varying widths.
  • Several FREE sectioning hair clips and a rat tailed comb to make hair sectioning and teasing quick and easy.
  • Friendly & helpful service, advice and support from our experienced customer service team.
  • Complimentary postage & handling. Express postage options are also provided if urgency is required.

(100% Human Remy Hair – 8 Piece Set)



Bonus Tools Included With The Hair Extensions Kit
Tools needed for applying the hiar extensions.

If the colour shown in the pictures above is not an ideal match to your present hair colour, please select from other similar colours in our range off black wavy hair extensions.

Step 1 – First 6 Inch Piece Application

To do so, make a horizontal part one to two inches above the nape of your neck. Bundle all the hair above this point into a bun using the provided hair sectioning clips, and secure this excess hair at the top of your head.

Next, tease & apply hair spray to your hair below this horizontal part.

Attach the centre clip of the weft piece to create an anchor point. Next, spread out the weft piece to the left & right and secure them into position.

Step 2 – Second 6 Inch Piece Application

Release the hair from the top of your head and create yet another horizontal part approximately 1-2 inches above the previous line. Secure into a bun all hair above this point and clip at the crown of your head.

Once more, tease your hair below this point and apply hair spray to create a secure point in which to attach the next weft piece.

As per step one, apply the next weft piece.

Step 3 – First 8 Inch Piece Application

Release sectioned off hair from the crown of your head and brush gently.

Next, as per the previous steps create another part; secure excess hair above, then tease and hair spray the anchor points below this line.

Proceed to attach the first 8 inch piece in the same manner as per the previous steps.

Step 4 – Second 8 Inch Piece Application

Apply the 2nd 8 inch weft piece as per the previous step.

For the 2 four inch pieces included in the set, apply them using the same method as per the other pieces.
Be sure to insert them slightly to the right & left of center, but on the same horizontal line.

Step 5 – Applying The Two Inch Side Pieces

The two remaining weft pieces are used to add some length and fullness around the side of your face.

Create one straight horizontal line above your left ear & one above your right ear. Secure hair above using sectioning hair clips, tease hair with rat tailed comb & once more create additional hold by applying hair spray to these points. Attach the clips in place.

Once all 8 pieces have been attached, brush hair using a wide toothed brush or comb below the attaching clip (never above). Style your new cheap wavy hair extensions as desired.