Superior Clip In Extensions At Remarkable Rates

Hair extensions are a cost effective means in which to gain striking length and volume to your hair. Our extensions are made from 100 % human hair and are tied and organized in such a way so as to prevent tangles, stripping or damage to the hair. Remi Hair Extensions utilizes hair of the highest quality and standard to provide all of our valued customers with the very best in hair extensions.

Our hair comes to you in a vital and healthy state and being remy hair extensions the hair cuticles are organized in one direction (root to tip) just as it would with natural hair. This provides a very natural look and feel, & promotes tangle resistance.

In addition to receiving great quality hair, we provide all of our patrons with a FREE RAT TOOTHED COMB, a number of HAIR ClIPS & a specialized pair of pliers (if microbead extensions are purchased) to enable quick & easy application of our micro bead hair extensions.

Revitalize your hair today With Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are significantly becoming the very best method in which to revitalize your hair into any number of designs you have always wished to try, but have never had the ability to pull off with your current do. Hair extensions can be put in quickly and easily, providing you the freedom to try out a broad array of colors, styles and hair lengths in the comfit of your own home.

Simply think, in mere minutes you could easily transform your short hair design into a thick, long & lustrous hair do for an enjoyable night out with the girls, or for that special somebody. Individuals with short hair can have the very best of both worlds, having the choice between experimenting with short hair one day and long hair the next. Those who have long hair already can add extra body and bounce or more depth to their hair with our extensive range of hair extensions.

Thick, streaming hair extensions are the solution to reinventing yourself.

Our extensions clip in with effortlessly, taking away the need for hundreds of dollars to be invested in costly hair salons. Our hair is soft, resilient and simple to manage. Using our hair extensions can be attained within the space of 10 minutes, requiring only a few easy guidelines to be followed.

Our human hair extensions are remy quality, meanings that the hair is gathered from individuals who have never had their hair either colored or had a long-term wave put through it. Why endure months of a haircut gone wrong when you can have the hair length and style you desire today!

By equipping yourself with hair extensions you can produce hair designs for any occasion considerable ease and speed. The change that results will fill you with confidence and poise, knowing that your hair is sophisticated, thick and brimming with body and bounce.