Platinum blonde Remy Human hair Extensions
Human Hair Prices


Our premium remy extensions are comprised of 100% real human hair, so they can be styled, washed, curled & straightened just like you own hair.

Remi Hair Extensions are proud to offer our customers helpful and friendly customer support, skilled hair extension colour matching, complimentary postage Australia wide & several FREE bonuses to all of our valued customers.


Purchase Our Extensions Today & Receive:

  • A 150g full head, 8 piece clip in set.
  • 8 easy to secure & stream lined double-sewn clips.
  • A complimentary rat tailed comb.
  • Several free hair clips to make application quick & easy.
  • Full customer service available 7 days a week.

(150g clip in set – 8 Pieces)



Bonus Tools Included With The Hair Extensions Kit
Tools needed for applying the hiar extensions.

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1st Step: Applying The 1st Six Inch Piece

Using either your hands or the end of the provided rat tailed comb, make a straight horizontal part approximately 1 to 2 inches above the nape of your neck. Twist into a bun and secure all hair above this point at the top of your head using the hair clips provided.

Tease the hair below this point with comb and spray with hair spray.

Using the 3 clip weft piece securely attach the centre clip, and then following the contours of your neck line attach the remaining two clips.

2nd Step: Applying The 2nd Six Inch Piece

Loosen the previously secured hair from the top of your head, and then create another horizontal part slightly about the first. Once again secure all hair above this point at the top of your head using the hair clips provided.

As with the first weft piece apply hair spray to the teased section of your hair.

Apply the 2nd three clip weft piece as per step one.

3rd Step: Applying The 1st Eight Inch Piece

Once again remove clipped hair from the top of your head and brush slightly. Proceed to make yet another horizontal line slightly above the previous six inch piece, and then secure hair above this point at the top of your head.

Tease and apply hair spray to this next section of hair, where upon the next weft piece will be attached.

Attach the 1st eight inch weft piece. Start with the centre clip then secure both the left and right clips to finish off.

4th Step: Applying The 2nd Eight Inch Piece

Repeat step three for the second eight inch weft piece.

The two 4 inch weft pieces can be put in a similar fashion, but ideally they should be placed slightly to the left and right of centre and on the same horizontal part.

5th Step: Applying The 2 Inch Weft Side Pieces

These much smaller weft pieces are used to create added body and length to the side of your hair.

As per the previous steps, create a part, secure hair out of the way, tease hair and secure one piece on the left and one on the right of your head.

To blend it all together, brush your hair using a wide toothed comb/brush. Be sure to always brush your hair below (not above) the attaching clips. Style best clip in hair extensions as desired.