Products to Keep Hair Extensions in Great Condition

Have you always wanted to have thick lustrous hair but thought it was beyond your reach due to poor genetics? Have years of excessive colouring and styling singed and weakened your hair to the point of snapping off? Does the thought of having thick, flowing trusses of strong, healthy and shiny hair appeal to you?

If there was a way to significantly enhance your hairs volume, shine and vitality naturally, would you be interested?

If you found yourself saying yes to some or all of these questions, take solace that the solution to your hair woes is finally at your finger tips. We have the product you have been searching for!

argan oil shampooOur team of hair care professionals at Hair Extensions Australia have searched far and wide to provide our valued customers with a range of high quality shampoo and premium oil products to help repair damaged and poorly nourished hair. After extensive testing and research we found that Argon Oil is a truly remarkable hair care product that has shown to have restorative effects on ones hair and scalp. In addition, to repairing and strengthening damaged follicles, Argon Oil enhances your hairs volume and shine, whilst reducing tangles and split ends.

ArganLife showcases an elite range of pure oils and specially formulated shampoos that have remarkable cosmetic benefits to your hair, scalp and skin. Enriched with 100% pure Argon oil, several essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, and a range of premium ingredients, ArganLife Shampoo is a revolutionary new product that nourishes your hair from root to tip.

For women who style their hair often, have damaged or thin hair, or simply want a product that helps boost their hairs natural vitality. We recommend that you make the smart decision and purchase some ArganLife shampoo and 100% pure Argon Oil.

Be the envy of all your friends and reclaim your hairs true glory today with the help of these truly revolutionary products.

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Which Is The Best Type of Shampoo To Use

Hair extensions, which are also known as hair integrations, also require proper maintenance measures just like real hair. Keep in mind that these extensions should seamlessly blend in with your natural hair so much that no one can tell the difference between the two types of hair! Investing in the appropriate products like hair extensions shampoo and conditioner is then a must.

Here are the must-have hair products that must be in the bathroom and dresser table to keep hair integrations as soft, silky and lustrous as your real hair.


While there is no one-brand-fits-all shampoo for hair extensions, there are certain types of shampoos that must be avoided lest the strands become damaged in any way. Shampoos with oils, silicone and waxes, among other ingredients formulated to keep hair shiny and smooth, should not be used on hair extensions.

Why? Because these shampoos will eventually make the extensions lose their grip on your natural hair, thus, causing the strands to unbind – and there go your extensions unraveling for all the world to see, perhaps even laugh about at your expense.

The best solution: Use an all-natural organic shampoo like ARGANLIFE formulated for “normal hair” that will gently clean your hair without causing considerable damage to your extensions. Avoid using shampoos for damaged or dry hair because these contain higher levels of moisturizers that can also cause slippage of the hair integrations.


Be sure to have three types of conditioners in your bathroom for hair extensions, namely, conditioner, deep conditioner, and leave-on conditioner. Each one has its uses in keeping the strands looking healthy and feeling soft just don’t overdo the application – about once every other day should be sufficient. Better yet, ask your hairstylist about their proper use.

Deep conditioners are important hair care products for extensions because these do not have the benefit of scalp oils moving down their shafts. Just follow the instructions on the label so as to get the best results since too much deep conditioning can also damage both the natural hair and its extensions.

Tip: Leave on the deep conditioner on the hair extensions for an hour. Thoroughly rinse it off with cold water.

When you have human hair extension shampoo and conditioner, you are basically covered. But why stop with basic products when you can have other hair care products that can add beauty and longevity to your hair extensions?

Heat Protectant

This product is necessary when the hair extensions are subjected to heat via blow dryers and flat irons. Choices include:

* Conditioning heat protectants with leave-in conditioners that guard against heat damage while adding the benefit of conditioning, thus, preventing dry, damaged locks.

* Soy-based heat protectants has soy proteins useful in the protection of the extensions against heat; the proteins penetrate the hair shafts and forms a barrier against the heat.


Even your extensions will have frizz because of the humidity, among other factors. An anti-frizz product like Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil Treatment is a must but it is also necessary to adopt a few anti-frizz measures such as regular washing with an organic shampoo and combing of the extensions using a wide-toothed comb.

Other products for hair extensions include curl and wave holding sprays and serums. Just remember to follow the instructions for use for these products for best results.