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At Remy Hair Extensions we proudly supply premium REMY micro loop human hair extensions in a wide variety of exciting and popular colours to instantly enhance your look. Ranging from enchanting black hues, to vibrant browns, right through to several trendy blonde shades, our silicon lined micro bead extensions are the answer to all your hair woes.

Being remy quality our 100% human hair is tangle resistant, thick and exquisitely soft to the touch. It can be coloured, styled and worn just like your own hair, giving you the freedom to reinvent your look as often as the mood strikes.



  • Silicon lined micro beads to provide a secure hold & to safeguard your hair from damage.
  • Specially made pliers.
  • A FREE rat tailed comb to section of your hair & to make hair teasing quick & easy.
  • Complimentary hair clips.
  • Free postage Australia wide. Express post options are also available.
  • Helpful customer service & support available 24/7.

(25, 50, 75 & 100 strand sets available)


Bonus Tools Included With The Hair Extensions Kit
Bonus Hair Extension Tools

If the colour outlined above is not an exact match for your hair, click on one of the pictures shown below to explore other similiar colours like honey blonde micro bead hair extensions.

Step One: Arranging Your Hair To Accommodate A Row Of Micro Loops

To achieve a consistent and uniform appearance it is important to space & secure each and every strand in particular fashion.

Using the rat tailed comb make a straight, horizontal part in your hair 1 – 2 inches above the base of your head.

Bundle & secure all of the hair above this point into a bun and clip out of the way at the top of your head.

Step Two: Partitioning Off A Section Of Your Hair

Select a small sample of your own hair from below this line, as shown in the picture provided.

This will serve as an anchor point to where the hair extension strand will be treaded through and secured into place.

Step Three: Attaching The First Strand Into Position

Take a micro loop strand in one hand, and with the other hand thread your hair (step 2) through the loop.

Imagine yourself threading a piece of cotton (your hair) through the eye of a needle (micro loop) and you get the picture.

Step Four: Applying The Micro Bead

Next, pull on the tab located at end of the micro loop to thread your sectioned of piece of hair through the eye of the bead.

Step Five: Placing The Bead Into Position

This next step involves placing the bead into the appropriate location.

Position the bead so that it sits approximately 1-2cm away from your scalp.

In this position the micro loop strand and attaching bead will be ideally placed to remain hidden underneath your hair.

Step Six: Locking The Bead Into Position

With the pliers we have provided, firmly compress the microbead so as to lock it into position.

Please ensure that adequate pressure has been applied to make certain that the strand is securely attached.

To test that the strand firmly attached, gently pull on the extension piece. If it slides, then you need to reposition it and clamp it down harder using the pliers. If the strand is too loose it may detach when you brush your hair.

Step Seven: Repeat Process & Then Style

Apply seven to ten strands to this first row using the steps outlined. Unclip the hair from the top of your head and repeat steps one to six for each subsequent row.

Using either a wide toothed comb or a loop bristle brush, comb your hair gently from root to tip, so as to blend in the extension pieces with your natural hair. Be sure that you only brush your hair below the attaching bead and not above!

Style your glamorous new locks as desired and view our range of cheap micro bead hair extensons.