When you want to add length or body to your hair, extensions may be the answer. They can you’re your hair fuller, longer and shinier in a very short time. There are several application methods, but micro bead extensions are very popular and show no sign of slowing. It is not as time consuming as some other methods, last longer and costs less that the fusion methods. The micro beads also make adjustments easier. When a bead slips out of place, it can easily be moved back up the hair shaft.

Our Premium Remy Micro Bead Extensions

Preparing Your Hair For The Application Process

Before starting the process of installing the micro beads, you want to make sure that your hair is in good shape. You hair needs to be healthy because hair that is dry, damaged and broken will not take the extensions well at all. This is particularly true for this method as the beads have grooves on the inside that can be damaging to the hair shaft when they are connected to each other.

How To Attach & Tools Required

Before you begin installing your extensions, you should assemble the tools that you will need. You will, of course, need the micro beads and the bead clamp tool as well as a loop tool. You may also want to have a rat tail comb and several large hair clips.

Start with hair that is clean and dry. Comb it well to make sure that it is tangle free. Tangles can make it very difficult to install the extensions. It can also cause damage to your hair if you try to install extensions when your hair in tangled.

Preparing The Site

To begin installation, part your hair straight down the middle, from front to back, using the rat tail comb. Next, part your hair from ear to ear so that you have four sections. Make sure that each part is perfectly straight.

Use a clip to hold the hair in each section and keep the parts straight.

Using The Micro Loop Tool

Slide the micro beads on the loop tool. In one section of hair, use your comb to catch up a thin piece of hair. All of the hair strands should be in very close proximity of each other. Do not make the piece too big or it won’t fit in the micro bead. If it is too small, the bead will be ill fitting. Try to get it as close to the size of the bead as possible.

High Quality Remy Micro Bead Extensions

Using the loop tool, slip the ultra light blonde micro bead over the piece of hair so that it is one quarter to one half inch from the roots. Gently slide the extension into the bead. Use the bead tool to clamp the micro bead, tightening it around the hair section and extension, securing it. The clamped bead will be flat. Continue with the other sections of hair.

It is important to note that you should never install extensions at the bangs, temples or on the top of the head. Only install at the lower portion of the crown, no higher.

Micro Tubes vs Beads

Hair extensions Sydney can be rather quick and easy. However, there are some considerations that you should think about before choosing that method. The tubes are metal and are rather hard. They can be uncomfortable lying or rubbing against the scalp, especially when you are reclining, lying down or wearing a hat.

The beads are also somewhat bulky and are more easily detected that some other methods. They also have a tendency to slip out of place, requiring frequent adjustments.

All in all, though, micro bead extensions are a great choice if you are looking for ease, speed of installation and a decent price.