Straightening hair extensions safely and styling tips

Hair extensions are a great way of bulking up your natural hair and adding length to it. They are becoming ever more popular with women, and more and more women are now colouring and styling hair extensions, just like they would with their natural hair. If you want to be able to do this, then you should only buy extensions that are made from 100% human hair. Natural hair extensions can be both dyed and styled, while artificial hair extensions cannot.

When it comes to styling or straightening hair extensions using heat, you need to exercise a bit of caution. Obviously, you also need to be cautious when doing the same to your natural hair. However, if you damage your natural hair, at least it will continue to grow and the damage will disappear eventually. If you damage extensions, they may be totally destroyed and have to be discarded, which is money down the drain.

Straightening hair extensions

You can use a flat iron to straighten your hair extensions, but you should use it at the lowest possible temperature. You should spray on a heat protection product before using your iron. If you cannot control the temperature of your flat iron, then you should probably avoid using it. Alternatively, you could try straightening a short inconspicuous piece of the hair with the pre-set temperature to see if it is okay to use on your extensions.

While your own natural hair will have a certain amount of moisture, your hair extensions will not. That means they can singe more easily than natural hair. It is best to run the iron over small sections of about 1-2 inches at a time. The optimum temperature is one that will straighten the hair with a single stroke.

You should always make sure the hair extension is completely dry before applying a warm iron to it. It is much easier to damage damp or moist hair extensions. Another thing to bear on mind is that hair extensions will not be able to withstand as many ironing treatments as your own hair, so you should not do this as a matter of routine.

Finally, you should never let a hot iron come in contact with the clips. Heat can distort the clips, and that in turn can distort the fall of the hair.

Styling hair extensions

When styling hair extensions, you need to use the same precautions as outlined above for straightening hair. You can do pretty much what you want in terms of curling, but you must always remember that hair extensions will degrade slightly with every treatment. They cannot be ironed, curled or blow-dried as frequently as your natural hair can be.

Additional precautions
You have to be certain that your best human hair extensions are pure human hair and not a mixture of natural and synthetic hair before applying heat to them. Not only will heat irreparably damage synthetic hair, it can also cause the release of toxic fumes that could make you very ill.

Even though the hair used in natural extensions should be 100% human, it no longer has some of the natural properties of human hair that is still growing. It will have no natural serums or moisture. That is why it is less durable than natural hair. You can prolong the life of your hair extensions by always using conditioner after styling or straightening.