Quality Remy Hair Extensions You Can Trust

Hair extensions can be put in quickly and easily, providing you the flexibility to experiment with a broad range of colors, designs and hair legths in the comfit of your very own house. Just think, in mere minutes you can tranform your short hair design into a complete bodied head of hair for an enjoyable evening out with the ladies, or for that special somebody. Brief haired people can have the very best of both worlds, having the option of short hair one day and long hair the next. Whilst those who have long hair already can add extra body and bounce or further depth to their hair with our broad range of hair extension colors.



Hair Extensions At Prices That Can’t be Beaten

Contrary to what some people believe, hair extensions don’t only increase the length of your hair, but instead, they also increase volume. All the extensions which we currently use are made entirely from real human hair, and they are tied using a technique which virtually eliminates any chance of the hair becoming tangled.

Hair extensions are a budget-friendly method in which to include striking length and volume to your hair. Our extensions are made from 100 % human hair and are tied and organized in such a manner as to avoid any tangles, stripping or damage to the hair. Remi Hair Extensions ensures that just the greatest quality and requirement of hair is gathered and dispersed to you – the customer.

Our hair comes to you in a vibrant and healthy state and being remy hair extensions the hair cuticles are organized in the same direction and this results in the roots and completions of the extensions facing the exact same instructions- just as it would with natural hair. Unlike numerous various other extensions offered on market today, we have no middle men and as such all the cost savings can be passed onto you!

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