Best Wavy Human Hair Extensions

Wavy extensions are an exciting way in which to add needed length, body & vitality to your hair. Women around the world are turning to extensions and achieving amazing results. Our entire range of clip in hair extensions are of excellent quality being comprised from 100% remy human hair our products have a greatly increased resistance to tangles and shedding. Our 150g extra thick sets have an inbuilt body wave that imbues your hair with flowing locks that seamlessly blend with your own hair & our sturdy clip design ensures a secure hold.

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Do wavy extensions loose their wave after washing them?

Wavy hair typically will not completely straighten out after washing. However, you may need to do a little ‘wave making’ to get it back to its original wave. This isn’t very difficult, though, and can be done with little effort.

Caring for ultra light blonde wavy extensions is not so different from caring for straight hair extensions. Synthetic extensions require slightly different care than natural hair extensions do. But if you take care of them and follow the care instructions, your hair extensions should last you quite a while with little need to re-wave it.

Wavy Synthetic Hair Extension Washing Tips

If you have synthetic extensions, you only need to spray a little water on the ends to calm frizz. If the frizz is really bad or if the ends are getting matted, you can use a little leave in conditioner to straighten the problem out right away. Always gently finger comb the ends of your hair and style it using minimal tools.

When washing your synthetic hair extension, use a mild wig shampoo and lukewarm water. Rinse very well and allow your hair to dry naturally. Once it is completely dry you can finger comb, but don’t try to do it while your hair is still wet. At night you should cover your hair while you sleep. A satin bonnet works very well to keep your extensions protected.

Wavy Human Hair Extensions Washing Tips

Human hair requires slightly different care. Just like with synthetic hair, when you notice your curls are frizzing or the ends are dry, spritz them with a little water. If your hair is very frizzy or is starting to get matted, use a leave in conditioner to calm it down. You can also use a wet and wavy spray instead of the conditioner if your hair is in fairly good shape.

Once you apply the water and product, gently finger comb your hair to keep it from tangling, to reduce frizz and to style. If your natural hair extensions are starting to look dull, you can use a light polishing mist to boost the shine.

When you wash your natural hair extensions, you can use a mild shampoo for wigs, washing gently with warm water. Do not try to comb or even finger comb your hair with it is wet. Let your extensions air dry completely then finger comb them gently to remove any tangles.

Sleeping & Styling Tips

When you sleep, you can cover your hair with a satin bonnet. If you want to create or reinforce wave patterns in your hair extensions, you can use varying sizes of braids. If you want long, loose beach waves, divide your hair directly down the middle and loosely braid each side. For looser waves, use larger braids. Tighter or deeper waves are created with smaller braids.

When you are using braids to create the waves in your hair, make sure that you include all of your hair, all the way to the ends. This will give you a more consistent, natural looking wave.

Other methods you can use to create waves or deepen waves are pin curls, straw curls and rag curls. If you try any of these methods, though, remember to be gentle with your hair so that you do not damage the point where the extension is attached to your hair, if you order hair extensions Brisbane then the delivery time is usually within 2 days.

Lightly scrunching damp hair is another method for adding waves or reinforcing curls. If you use this method, though, don’t do it after washing your extensions. Spritz a little water on the ends and very gently scrunch. The better you treat your wavy extensions, the longer they will last and look fabulous.